Michi - Musicland1Michael Müller, born in 1985 Hamburg, Germany

I‘m a skilled cameraman and passionate singer. Because of these activities i had been in contact to fascinating people and extaordinary places always. In 2015 i get the degree Master of Arts. Since my study of media science i draft, plan, organise and realise differend projects. In this context i am generally initiator and co-founder of the projects. Mainly i did and do still work in fields of cultural- and projectmanagement.

As a singer i am involved in a music project of the three headed band MS Friedrich.

With Mumble Made i built up my own digital network, where i introduce and publish my different projects and workings. In that case Mumble Made is a kind of digital reference, operating on the gateway of my working and privat life. Beyond that, Mumble Made is my digital playground.